What is the viral ‘I just a baby’ trend on TikTok?

Georgina Smith
Woman and a baby next to a dog

TikTok users are showing off their adorable pets with the viral ‘I just a baby’ sound which is taking over the app. Here’s where the popular trend came from.

TikTok is well-known for its viral trends, with new ones going viral on the platform on a daily basis. Many of these trends are inspired by ‘sounds,’ another word for audios on the app, and these can prompt anything from viral dances to funny memes.

The latest thing that’s got everyone making their own videos is the ‘I just a baby’ trend, where people are adding videos of their pets or kids over an original sound of a toddler talking.

The sound originally came from TikTok user little.blooming.women, specifically from a video where a mother is talking to her child, asking her to stop doing something.

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In response, the child says the now iconic, “I just a baby,” and when the mom tries to correct her again, the baby angrily repeats, “I just a baby!”

Viewers absolutely loved the video that was posted on February 20, and it quickly picked up traction on the app. At the time of writing, it has 6.7 million likes and an insane 44 million views.

“I’d like to hire her as my lawyer please,” one user joked, with another saying: “This child is an icon.”

People then even started using the sound for their own videos, recreating the hilarious moment with their pets, or making memes out of it.

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Some of the videos participating in the trend got millions of likes and views in their own right, and it looks like there are plenty more clips left to come using the popular sound.

TikTok has been full of viral audios recently, with the Picasso art quote and Elmo’s ‘balsamic vinegar’ sound being just two examples of other memes that have taken over the platform.