What is the viral ‘freeze frame photo’ trend on TikTok?

Virginia Glaze
What is TikToks freeze frame photo trend

The latest trend taking over TikTok has netizens using a filter that pauses their videos at certain intervals, creating a ‘freeze-frame’ effect… and people are loving it.

TikTok is the premier destination for viral internet memes and trends.

The platform has single-handedly spawned a number of the net’s biggest fads over the years — who could forget the iconic ‘Savage’ dance or, of course, that super-popular baked feta pasta recipe?

The app also comes with a slew of filters that users can put over their videos to add a little pizazz to their content, the latest of which is taking off on the site in a huge way.

This particular trend is called ‘freeze frame photo,’ and it does exactly what you might be thinking. It’s a black-and-white filter that pauses your video at certain points, creating several stills that you can screenshot for an Instagram pic.

To take part in the craze, simply activate the filter while recording your video. The trend is set to a slowed-down version of the song ‘Wrap Me In Plastic’ by CHROMANCE and Marcus Layton, with the filter pausing the video at certain beats in the track.

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The #freezeframephoto hashtag is currently the number-one hashtag being used on TikTok, and currently boasts over 7.4 billion views at the time of writing.

Users are loving this particular trend, with TikToker Katie Florence claiming it “made me feel good again” due to the filter’s “strong black and white” effect.

Others have gotten pretty creative with the freeze-frame effect, with one TikToker capturing the perfect moment a Monarch butterfly opened its wings while chilling out on her glasses frames.

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However, there’s an oddity with this particular fad, as it actually started in Summer 2020. It seems as though the filter is kicking back up in popularity, and according to the TikTok Creative Center, it’s been “extremely popular in for the last 122 days in a row.”

This is just the latest filter to take over TikTok, with the app’s ‘AI Green Screen’ feature also going viral earlier this month.