What is TikTok’s AI Green Screen trend? Viral filter makes art from your name

Virginia Glaze
what is tiktoks ai green screen trend

TikTok’s AI Green Screen trend is taking over the platform as users scramble to see what artwork a filter can create by using their names as a prompt.

Artificial Intelligence technology continues to make great strides, and now it’s sweeping across social media.

TikTok’s propensity to spawn the latest trends and fads has now focused on an AI tech that creates artwork from a text prompt, which the platform named the ‘AI Green Screen.’.

The trend is a simple filter that TikTokers can use in their videos. The premise is pretty easy: Simply choose the filter and type in your name in order for the AI tech to create an original image using your name as a guideline.

Some images are clearer than others, and some, of course, are just downright strange.

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The #aigreenscreen hashtag on TikTok has garnered over 141.6 million views as users flood the app to see what art AI will make just for them.

Of course, you don’t have to just use your name. Other TikTokers have been giving the filter different prompts, such as this user who asked it to create an image of herself and her boyfriend in their dream home.

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This is far from the first time that AI artwork has taken over social media; back in June, the Twitterverse exploded as netizens raced to share their results from the Dall-E Mini, an AI tool that similarly makes artwork from user prompts.

However, instead of using one’s name, users can type in whatever they want, no matter how fantastical it might be. For instance, we at Dexerto typed in “black cat wearing a witch hat in a field of strawberry shortcake,” and got the below result:

dall-e black cat

This is by far one of the more interesting trends to take over TikTok… and one of the least confusing ones, following viral claims that spawned on the app alleging there was a zombie outbreak in China.

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