What is the Tortilla Trend on TikTok? Bizarre challenge goes viral

Georgina Smith
People doing the Tortilla TikTok trend

TikTok users are going viral by participating in the latest bizarre challenge, the Tortilla Trend, which sees people attempt to slap each other in the face with tortillas while their mouths are filled with water.

TikTok has seen countless viral trends and challenges over the years, ranging from completely harmless dance trends, to some potentially very dangerous ones.

There are new challenges taking off on the platform on a constant basis, and the latest one to go viral is the Tortilla Trend, which is garnering millions of views across the app.

Although the trend appears to have been around since at least as early as 2021, it has seen a huge resurgence in 2022, with an increase in videos of people participating.

The game is simple — everyone playing (usually two people) must fill their mouths with water, and as they stand facing each other, they have to take turns slapping each other with a tortilla. The aim is to make sure you don’t spill any of the water in your mouth from either the force of the slap, or from laughing too hard.

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Thanks to the hilarious premise, many users have been going viral with their attempts at the game, garnering millions of views and likes.

“Now this is couples therapy,” jokes one user on a viral video featuring the challenge. “Honestly this would solve a lot of problems in my life,” said another.

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Several variations of the challenge are taking off on the app, with some not involving water, and others using a tortilla slap as a punishment if their partner gets a question about them wrong.

In theory, the slaps shouldn’t hurt too much because of the softness of the tortilla, however, some of them have looked quite painful, so take caution if you decide to attempt the challenge.

This isn’t the first time tortillas have been the subject of a viral trend on TikTok — in 2021, a popular hack that makes folding tortillas easier blew up on the app.

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