What is the ‘candy salad’ trend on TikTok? Sweet-toothed craze explained

Maddy Kinkead
tiktok candy salad and tiktok logo

People on TikTok are going wild for the new ‘candy salad’ trend, so much so, that the hashtag ‘#candysalad’ has been used over 125 million times.

Candy salads are nothing like the leafy green bowls you know, though. The trend involves dumping lots of different types of candy into a bowl, mixing it up, and sharing it with friends or family.

The fun part about the trend though, is that the salad becomes a group effort. Someone brings the bowl, and everyone in the group dumps in a pack of their favorite candy:

This trend is ideal for the next movie night, road trip, or hang session with your buddies, as it ensures everyone gets a snack of their choice.

However, the best bit about this trend is that no one has any idea how the candy salad will turn out, and you can’t tell anyone else in the group what you are providing. This has led to some pretty dire outcomes, including this one:

People in the comments were roasting this group, with someone commenting: “I searched ‘worst candy salad’ and this came up.” And another noted: “Raisinets, mentos, cashews, sprinkles, hot tamales, York patties this has to be the worst candy salad of all time.”

Some people even noticed that one guy just takes some Skittles out of his pocket and throws them into the mix.

This video went so viral, that candy brand Swedish Fish commented, saying they were honored to be included in this ‘salad’.

If you don’t have a big group of friends or family members to make a candy salad with, have no fear, because some people are making videos where they and one friend just put on wigs and fill bowls up with all their favorite treats pretending to be different characters.

If these candy salads are making your sweet tooth tingle, you should try McDonald’s new churro McShaker Fries that turn their iconic fries into a dessert.

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