Gordon Ramsay stunned by TikToker cooking food with a Pringles tube

Sam Comrie
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Gordon Ramsay was perplexed by a TikToker as he reacted to them cooking a meal with a Pringles tube and a pair of hair curling tongs. 

Throughout Gordon Ramsay’s globetrotting career, the renowned chef has sampled heaps of wonderful and weird food. While he’s known for tearing meals apart verbally on TV, Ramsay often critiques the recipes of others on his TikTok page.

Gordon Ramsay may have finally seen it all, after coming across TikToker @JimmyStewart59 who prepared a batch of stew within a Pringles tube.

Gordon Ramsay standing next to MrBeast dressed as Willy Wonka
Among Ramsay’s latest ventures is a collab with YouTuber MrBeast.

Gordon Ramsay says TikToker has “lost the plot” with bizarre Pringles recipe

Gordon Ramsay shared reactive TikTok to his 32.4 million followers, where he dove into @JimmyStewart59’s obscure stew cooking method. Jimmy’s approach aims to help out people struggling financially, captioning his original video: “Cost of living and gas prices through the roof, don’t worry I’ve got your back.”

While the video initially showcases a traditional cooking setup, once Jimmy whipped out his Pringles tube, Gordon was overcome by confusion: “Oh no stop it, what are you doing young man!”

“Pringle jar? Kid, Jimmy, you’ve lost the plot,” continues Ramsay as Jimmy outlines his soup recipe.

To bring the stew to a boil, Jimmy uses his partner’s hair curling tongs to introduce some heat. Ramsay, jokingly, wasn’t so sure about them: “Jimmy, are you sure they’re your wife’s tongs?”

Gordon begs Jimmy not to eat the absurd concoction and fans of the chef are just as confused. TikTok commenter @marioatolivegarden said: “I’m no professional chef but I don’t think he should eat that.”

Another user said that they “need to see you and Jimmy do a Tiktok together” in the future. It’ll definitely be an interesting collaboration if their paths collide.

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