What is the ‘green line test’ on TikTok? Relationship theory goes viral

Georgina Smith
Couples doing the green line test

TikTokers are going viral with their attempts at the ‘green line test,’ which aims to determine the ‘role’ each person plays in a relationship — but not everyone is convinced by the theory.

Short-form video platform TikTok has become a popular place to share a whole range of tips, tricks, and life hacks, which often end up garnering millions of views and likes. This includes creators sharing their advice and theories about relationships, which can even go on to spark viral trends.

One trend that has been doing the rounds on social media throughout April and May, in particular, is the ‘green line test.’

Reportedly created by Twitter user @alpharivelino, the test involves drawing a green line down the center of each person in a relationship, and these lines are said to represent the role each person plays. For example, if one line leans into a vertical line, the person who has the vertical line is, according to this theory, the “alpha.”

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TikTok users have garnered millions of likes and views testing the theory on both their own relationships along with celebrity couples. However, not everyone is convinced that the theory is legitimate.

Experts respond to the green line test

Following the test’s virality, experts have explained why the green line theory is not as convincing as it might seem at first.

Body language expert Joe Navarro told Bustle: “The green line body language test is rubbish. There is no science to support it, and has no legitimacy in logic, as humans are highly complex in how they display emotions bearing in mind that non-verbals are fluid and contextual.”

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However, some experts felt that the test could have some merit. Body language expert Janine Driver said that although she doubts it’s 100% accurate, “Every couple I put to the test ended up proving the test accurate.”

TikTok commenters seem split by the viral test, with many pointing out the various factors that could affect the tilt of the lines, such as height or camera angle.

Regardless of the controversy, this trend is continuing to generate millions of likes and views as it spread across people’s For You Page.

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