What is the “How life sounds” trend on TikTok?

Meera Jacka
TikTok user Taty participating in the 'how life sounds' trend.

A new trend on TikTok has seen users embrace inner peace and enter their unbothered era, celebrating with a viral sound and sharing their secrets.

The instrumental portion of SZA’s song Good Days has gone viral on TikTok, with users claiming the sound encapsulates inner peace and tranquility.

While it may have come out in 2022, the song has seen a surge in popularity as it spreads across the platform as a part of the “how life sounds” trend.

The trend involves users sharing scenarios on how to remain unbothered and find inner peace, with the song serving as an example of “how life sounds” if you do so.

For example, scenarios already posted to TikTok include “how life sounds” if you remove a toxic friend, stop caring what others think, or even stop thinking about men.

In each video, the user films themselves with text overlay sharing their specific scenario and Good Days playing over the top.

So far, the sound has accumulated over 65,000 videos underneath it on TikTok, with countless scenarios offered to describe what feeling users get from listening to it.

One TikTok user who participated in the trend was Yuna Batmunkh, writing, “What life sounds like when you stop thinking everything is embarrassing or cringe and just start doing what you like.”

While Good Days is the most commonly used song for the trend, other sounds have been used to encapsulate feelings of relaxation and joy. So, if you’re looking to participate but want to add your own spin, there is plenty of freedom to pick what suits you best.

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