What is the TikTok ‘Angel Shot’ trend?

Angel Shot TikTok trendTIKTOK: ELIANAGHEN

The ‘Angel Shot’ trend has been sweeping TikTok, with users raising awareness about the drink order used to signal for help.

Bars are a fun spot to hang out, share drinks with your friends, and to meet and socialize with new people. Unfortunately, they can also be a common place to meet creepy people with bad intentions.

If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable at a bar, you can now use the ‘Angel Shot’ tactic, which has recently gone viral on TikTok.

What is an Angel Shot?

The ‘Angel Shot’ TikTok trend is the most recent trend that could potentially help you in your time of need. It may sound like an alcoholic beverage, but it’s actually a safe word people can use when they feel unsafe in a bar.

According to Budget Branders, “If a patron asks for an Angel Shot, they feel unsafe in some way. The staff can respond by helping them get out of there, or even by removing another patron who is making that person feel uncomfortable.”

The Angel Shot hashtag has received over 113 million views on TikTok. But, while the protocol is new to the social media platform, it is not new to the bar scene.

Budget Branders says the term arose from the ‘Ask for Angela‘ campaign, which was formed in the UK. The campaign was designed to prevent sexual assault by urging people who felt unsafe in bars or clubs to “Ask for Angela.”

When staff got the request, they would call a cab, and help the patron leave the situation discreetly, and safely.

The term became popular during the MeToo movement as a way to help women avoid being victims of sexual assault. Other safe words to use in bars and clubs are ‘virgin vodka’ and ‘tequila vodka.’ In the UK, patrons can simply ask to speak to ‘Angela,’ to alert staff that they need help.