What is the ‘no beard’ trend on TikTok & how can you get it?

Charlotte Colombo

Every now and again, a new filter will take the TikTok world by storm. In the past, we’ve seen things like the anime filter become all the rage on the app, but now it looks like TikTokers’ latest obsession is the ‘no beard’ filter. Ever wondered what you’d look like without a beard without committing to a shave? Well, now’s your chance to find out!

The ‘no beard’ filter has recently gotten TikTok users obsessed, with the tag ‘nobeardfilter’ having 2.4 million views on the app. Although the filter has become a staple on Snapchat – it has been an available filter on the app for a year – the filter recently resurged in popularity, with TikTok users being amazed at how they could get a clean shave at the click of a button.

As the name implies, the filter performs a pretty simple task – it is able to remove your facial hair, revealing what your face would look like without your beard. For those who have had facial hair for years, this filter is especially interesting to help them see what they look like without their beard without completely shaving it off.

So, as people have been trying out the filter, it has led to some interesting results…

What do TikTokers think of the ‘no beard’ filter?

One TikTok user, Ess Michael, decided to surprise his wife with the filter – her exclamation in disgust probably wasn’t the reaction he was hoping for…

TikTok user Amanda Letohic shared the filter’s effect on her husband, Kal, who remarked that the filter made him look like Fat B*stard from the movie series.

Unfortunately, if you have a glorious, Viking-like beard, you might find that the filter isn’t entirely effective. This is what happened with TikTok user Rob, who goes by ‘The Big Guy’ on the app.

How can I use the ‘no beard’ filter on TikTok?

Because this filter is a Snapchat filter, you will need to have a Snapchat account as well as a TikTok account. You cannot get this filter on TikTok directly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your fun with the filter on your platform!

So, this is how to use the ‘no beard’ filter on TikTok.

  1. Firstly, you need to open Snapchat and make sure that you are signed in to your account.
  2. Secondly, you need to head to Snapchat’s camera section.
  3. Then, click on the smiley face on the right to the camera button.
  4. You the need to press ‘explore’ in the bottom right-hand corner.
  5. Type ‘no beard’ in the search bar
  6. Select the filter called ‘no beard by andre.pappas’. Visually, the filter should have an icon of a beard with a blue line through it.
  7. Now the filter should be working. film the video on your Snapchat and then save the video to your camera roll.
The only way to get the ‘no beard’ filter is through Snapchat.

The next step is to upload the video from your camera roll onto your TikTok account.

  1. First, you need to open TikTok and make sure that you are signed in to your account.
  2. Secondly, as usual, press the + button that you find at the bottom-center of your screen.
  3. Then, once you’re on the video recording screen, press the ‘Upload’ button at the bottom-right of your screen.
  4. This will lead to your camera roll opening automatically. You can now select the video you saved from Snapchat of you using the ‘no beard’ filter.

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  1. Once you press on your desired video, you will be taken to the quick-video editor on TikTok. This will allow you to do things like preview the video, crop it and modify its speed. Once you are done with the quick-video editor, press ‘Next’ in the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. You will now be taken to the next part of the quick-video editor, where you can add things like text, effects, filters and stickers. Once you are done with this, press ‘Next’ again in the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Now you will be able to add a caption for your TikTok and get it ready to go live. When you are ready to upload your video of you enjoying the no-beard filter, press the ‘Post’ button at the bottom of the screen. This will publish your video.

Have fun with TikTok’s latest craze!

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