How to get TikTok’s viral Time Travel filter

Kawter Abed
How to get the Time Travel Filter on TikTok

TikTok users are going viral by trying out the Time Travel filter that predicts what you’ll look like in the future. Here’s how you can get the effect.

The short-form video app TikTok is widely known for its innovative and engaging content, largely driven by unique filters and effects.

The Time Travel filter is one of the latest effects to take off on the platform, as it allows users to get a glimpse into their potential future by digitally aging their appearance.

It starts with displaying the current year, 2023, on your face and your current appearance. Activating this realistic AI filter begins a rapid aging process, advancing through the years.

As the years progress, users will notice the transformation of their facial features. Wrinkles start to form, the skin appears less firm, and even gray hair starts to show. This aging process continues until it has spanned 50 years, providing a startling yet intriguing view of what one might look like in the future.

How to get Time Travel filter on TikTok

You can easily access the Time Travel filter from within the TikTok app by doing the following:

  1. Open TikTok and tap on the magnifying glass.
  2. Type ‘Time Travel filter’ in the search bar.
  3. Find a video that has used the filter.
  4. It will say ‘Time Travel’ with an orange star above their username.
  5. Click on it and tap ‘Use this effect.’
  6. Place your face in the camera.
  7. Tap the ‘Auto mode‘ option, and the filter will automatically begin aging your appearance.

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