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YouTuber Kian Lawley rakes in cash with Twitch sleeping stream by letting fans wake him up

Published: 28/Feb/2021 17:29 Updated: 28/Feb/2021 17:48

by Georgina Smith


YouTuber Kian Lawley has gained tens of thousands of subs on Twitch through his ‘Subathon’ stream, in which he allows viewers to extend the amount of time he sleeps for, and wake him up with jarring noises via donations.

Kian Lawley is a hugely popular YouTuber who has been making content on the platform since 2010. In that time he’s accumulated a large and loyal fanbase, with over 3.29 million subscribers on his main channel.

He’s recently been turning his attention to streaming, and although his Twitch channel currently has 80,000 followers, his streams have been rising in popularity and he’s been gaining more fans by the day.


Recently, ‘sleep streams’ have been growing in popularity on Twitch, which serves as a bizarre but often rather entertaining way for viewers to support their favorite creators.

Kian Lawley poses in an Instagram picture
Instagram: kianlawley
Kian Lawley has a large fanbase of fans both old and new.

The premise is that streamers will fall asleep on camera while live, and can be woken up by viewers activating loud noises via donations.

Kian decided that this is how he would conduct his Subathon along with Ryan Abe and JC Caylen. By subbing to Kian’s channel, viewers could add 20 seconds to the total stream time, and donating allows them to wake the sleeping creators with a series of loud noises.

An insane clip shows the streamer giving his viewers 45 seconds to drum up as money subs as possible, and they poured in at an insane speed, standing at over 19,000 subs at the time of writing, and almost guaranteed to hit the 20,000 mark. Each subscription is at least $5 (although Twitch takes a cut, usually about $1.50).


The trio are frequently interrupted by incredibly loud sounds, making both the streamers and the viewers jump out of their skin, but somehow every time they manage to go back to looking relatively peaceful before the next strange noise comes along.

Warning: Loud

Kian’s dedication to the long stream has made fans want to support him even more,  and the bizarre concept is proving to be hugely entertaining thanks to the streamers’ brilliant reactions.

The stream has been going on for over 21 hours at the time of writing, with more time still left on the clock. Fans are cheering on Kian and his friends to make it to the end, already super impressed by how long they’ve streamed so far.