What does OBCD mean on TikTok?

Jessica Filby
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OBCD is bouncing around on social media platforms such as TikTok, with the phrase quickly becoming viral – but what does OBCD mean? Here’s everything you need to know

TikTok is no stranger to a viral trend, especially with some handy acronyms or hilarious jokes posted by one account and then shared and replicated by the platform’s biggest stars.

One such word is OBCD, a saying and play on words many are joking about on the popular social media platform, often using it as an insult or just a creative line.

So, what does OBCD mean on TikTok and why are so many people using it? We’ve got all the answers here including what it means and where it originally came from.

What does OBCD mean on TikTok?

While it may seem to be, OBCD is not an acronym, unlike many other trends on TikTok such as SMH, ATP, and GRWM. OBCD actually means obesity.

Essentially, OBCD was a play on words from a moment where food YouTuber, Nikocado Avocado claimed he had OCD after showing off his food organization, to which the person behind the camera exclaimed how “you mean OBCD”, playing off the word Obesity, referring to the weight gain in conjunction to his mukbang videos.


Many have been sharing the video on TikTok, with the saying quickly becoming viral. Some are calling the joke “creative”, while others are concerned for his well-being and health, exclaiming how “it’s so sad” to see jokes being made about his weight.

If there are other words or phrases that are being used on TikTok that you are confused about, check out our guide here to learn all about the app’s most popular terms.

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