What does ‘fake body’ mean on TikTok?

Georgina Smith
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As new videos and trends pop up constantly on TikTok, it can be hard to keep on top of all the new slang words that are created. One term that has users puzzled recently is “fake body”. Here’s everything you need to know about what it means

TikTok is home to millions of users who are constantly uploading and reacting to different types of content, as well as participating in the latest challenges and trends to go viral on the app.

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As with most social media platforms, TikTok has ended up with its own set of slang terms and acronyms that are frequently used in videos, messages, and captions.

One of these terms is ‘fake body,’ which is a phrase that you might have seen in either video descriptions or hashtags from a variety of different creators.

But what does it mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

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TikTok has countless different slang terms and acronyms that could confuse those who are out of the loop.

Fake body meaning on TikTok

The term ‘fake body’ on TikTok is often used in videos containing some form of partial nudity, such as someone wearing a bikini, and is a way for users to attempt to avoid getting flagged for violating the app’s policy on nudity.

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A violation of the community guidelines could result in your video getting removed and your account being flagged, so people are keen to avoid that where possible.

People claim that using the term ‘fake body’ in your description could trick the automated moderation system that TikTok uses into thinking the body isn’t real, which would cause it to then bypass the video. This is of particular use to people whose videos get flagged or removed incorrectly.

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Although some creators claim that using the phrase has been effective in preventing their videos from being removed unfairly, using the term in your description or hashtags is not a guarantee that your video won’t be removed for a guideline violation.

If ‘fake body’ isn’t the only trending term on TikTok to confuse you, you can check out our guide about some of the platform’s most popular slang terms here.

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