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Who is Sidequest Therapy on TikTok? User deletes account after “trauma dump” video

Published: 20/Oct/2021 12:35

by Calum Patterson


A TikTok user has disappeared from the platform following widespread backlash, caused by a video in which they described a therapy session as a “trauma dump.” Sidequesttherapy, as they were called on TikTok, was condemned for their use of language.

Although generally known for lighthearted dancing, lip-syncing and comedy videos, TikTok also has a more serious side. Some users dedicate their accounts to very specific topics, such as mental or physical health.

Just like other social media platforms though, the information provided isn’t always of the highest quality, as anyone is free to post and share “knowledge”, regardless of their expertise.


Sidequest therapy, qualifications unknown, provided their takes on topics around mental health and therapy. However, one of her last videos, before deleting the account, criticized one of her clients for “trauma dumping.”

Sidequesttherapy backlash for “trauma dump” TikTok

The term ‘trauma dump’ is typically used to describe someone explaining their personal trauma, unsolicited and in an inappropriate setting. Sidequesttherapy had captioned the video “not on my watch.”

But, users were quick to condemn the suggestion that a therapy client could “trauma dump” considering it is partly the intention of receiving therapy.

“Is it ‘trauma dumping’ if you’re literally their therapist,” asked Twitter user @diligenda, in a now-viral tweet.


Others mocked the idea of a therapist being critical of “trauma dumping.”

Since the backlash picked up, not just on Twitter but in countless TikTok video replies, the original post has been deleted, along with the user’s whole account.

sidequesttherapy account deleted
Sidequesttherapy’s account is no longer available.

It’s unclear if they are in fact a qualified therapist, but other videos on their account, shared by screenshots, also mention ‘clients’ and sharing experiences. Users have criticized this content as potentially damaging, were a client of theirs to find the videos themselves.

There is usually a strict confidentiality clause in place between a client and a professional therapist, which would make these videos more problematic, if ‘sidequesttherapy’ is in fact a therapist.