Best viral TikTok Halloween makeup videos 2021

Best Halloween TikTok Makeup 3TikTok: makeuppbyruthie, ileanavelazquezg, fancyflutie

Spooky season is officially upon us, and Halloween fans are on the hunt for costume ideas. Luckily, TikTok is rife with some seriously talented makeup artists who are giving us some hauntingly good inspiration.

Halloween 2021 is finally here, and so are oodles of frighteningly impressive special effects makeup trends across TikTok.

In the spirit of the season, a slew of skilled makeup artists are showing off their talents online, giving us thrills, chills, and some decent ideas for our own Halloween costumes (even if we’re just celebrating from home with some candy and a scary movie).

For those interested in upping their makeup game to match their costumes — or for those who just want to look spooky for a selfie or two — we’ve gathered a list of some of TikTok’s best Halloween makeup looks.

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Ileana Velazquez – Squid Game

Netflix’s 2021 hit show Squid Game is taking over the internet, and it’s not hard to see why.

Pitting desperate debtors against each other in high-stakes children’s games for a staggering cash prize, the series has everyone on the edge of their seats — and so does TikTok makeup artist Ileana Velazquez with her haunting rendition of the show’s Red Light, Green Light robot.

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Ruthie – Frankenstein

You just can’t dismiss the horror classics when it comes to Halloween, and TikToker Ruthie is bringing Frankenstein’s Monster to life with their jaw-dropping special effects skills.

This look is good enough to make us scream, “It’s Alive!”

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FancyFlutie – Venom

With the release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Marvel is giving comic book fans a whole new take on the more terrifying aspects of the Spider-Verse.

TikToker FancyFlutie is bringing this fact home with her impressive body painting skills, and we’re pretty convinced she’s been taken over by a symbiote who’s hungry for human heads.

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Sophie Hannah – Butterfly Queen

Not every Halloween look has to be gory and scary — but they can still be downright unsettling, nonetheless.

TikToker Sophie Hannah is showing off her talents with a striking fairy queen look… but she isn’t one you want to cross, if her contacts are anything to go by.

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Tenisha Billington – Purple Skeleton

Tenisha Billington is a TikToker who’s known for her strikingly accurate cosplays and insane body painting skills.

She’s cosplayed as Avatar’s Neytiri and even Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora — but she’s taking her talents down a spookier route with this hugely impressive glow-in-the dark purple skeleton, and we’re spooked by the transformation!

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The Faux Chanel – Rhinestone Pennywise

When we think of Pennywise the clown, not many of us are picturing a blinged-out version of the classically creepy horror villain… but that’s just what TikToker The Faux Chanel has delivered, and it’s downright disturbing (but pretty cool, we have to admit).

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Her skills with rhinestones have been shown on a variety of costumes, including Disney’s Ursula, Coraline, and more.

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TikTok is full of viral videos of makeup artists showing off their skills and giving us chills. This is undoubtedly the spookiest the platform has ever been — and we’re so here for it.