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Viperous banned from Twitch again for watching YouTube video on stream

Published: 15/Jun/2021 14:04

by David Purcell


Twitch streamer Viperous has been hit with a second ban in three days, and this time she’s revealed why her channel has been suspended. 

This is the third ban from streaming she has experienced, having previously found herself caught up in a strange story where Twitch accused her of a racial slur, which turned out to be her saying “nerd” during a broadcast.

That was later overturned and Twitch apologized for the mistake. Her most recent ban on June 12 was thought to be a DMCA strike, after watching videos with her audience on stream.

And just three days later – one day after being unbanned – the popular streamer faces another spell on the sidelines.


Why is Viperous banned on Twitch?

On June 15, she took to Twitter to explain why fans can’t watch her on Twitch for the time being.

She tweeted: “DUDE WHAT!!! I was watching a video on anesthesia awareness on YouTube that had zero blood or gore in it.”

In the post, she included a screenshot of a message from Twitch, which stated she had been banned for “Sharing content featuring gore or excessive blood.”

This means a Community Guidelines strike had been placed on her account, so she’ll be locked out from streaming for another couple of days.


The video that got her banned

In a reply to that original post, Viperous showed the video she had been watching on YouTube.


It was a Shane Dawson video, which starts with a disclaimer of containing “very graphic descriptions of surgery” and is described by the creator as “intense.” The content itself is about raising awareness of Anesthesia and what it’s like to wake up from surgery.

However, there doesn’t appear to be any blood or gore included in the post, meaning there is a good chance Viperous may see this overturned.

Should anything change in relation to this ban, we’ll update this post. For now, though, Viperous’ channel isn’t available unless you have a time machine.