Viperous has been unbanned on Twitch

. 1 year ago
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After being hit with a second Twitch ban, streamer Viperous has been unbanned, so fans can continue watching her stream on the platform. 

Well-known for her Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite gameplay, Viperous is a very popular streamer and has over 50,000 followers on her channel.

Those wanting to watch her on June 12, however, will have seen the broadcast cut short for her second suspension on the website. Previously, back in November 2019, she was banned for allegedly using a racial slur, which she claimed at the time was actually her saying “nerd”.

On that occasion, Twitch lifted the ban and apologized for their mistake.

This time, however, the reason for her ban was unclear. Though, her presumably temporary suspension has now ended, meaning her channel is discoverable once again.

Why was Viperous banned on Twitch?

The news was confirmed on June 12, as the StreamerBans account confirmed the Twitch partner had been suspended.

Her viewers are speculating that the ban is actually a result of a DMCA strike, after streaming CBS content during a live stream.

Viperous did not comment about the ban publicly while her channel was offline.

Right before the ban came into effect, though, she tweeted “Why” after being told by another user to be careful on stream.

Now that the ban is over, fans can hop into her chat next time she goes live and continue as normal.

Maybe she will unveil specifics about the ban during a live stream, but for now, at least, the issue has been resolved.

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