Valkyrae’s RFLCT co-founder fires back at criticism: “It’s hard enough for young women to start a business”

Sam Comrie

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter’s launch of her gaming-inspired skincare product RFLCT has been interesting, to say the least. Now, RFLCT co-founder Joanna Coles is firing back in response to the backlash.

Hoping to carve out a niche in the market with skincare product RFLCT, which claims to offer protection from blue light damage, Valkyrae’s product launch has been met with a mixed reception. From professional analysis to damning influencer reviews, it is safe to say that RFLCT isn’t off to the promising start that she had in mind.

Nonetheless, Valkyrae has been quick to respond to detractors, clarifying that “all the hate is warranted.” Joanna Coles, a co-founder of Valkryae’s business, is defending their product from criticism.

Valkyrae RFLCT Promotion
Valkyrae referred to RFLCT as a “two-year project” that would help “everybody with a life in front of screens”.

RFLCT exists in a “male dominated economy” according to co-founder

Speaking to The Washington Post, Coles gave insight into the road to launching RFLCT, commenting on how the product’s website now has “academic studies citing the impact of blue light on the skin.” With the project taking over two years to come to fruition, Coles added that “it’s hard enough for young women to start a business in a male dominated economy.”

“I am confident that if a male gamer had come up with RFLCT he would have been roundly applauded,” said Coles in regards to the reception of RFLCT among Valkyrae’s audience. Despite the mixed reception to the product launch, Coles continues to show support without hesitation:

Valkyrae continues to be transparent with her viewers on RFLCT, as she plans to discuss everything that has transpired on stream on October 23: “[I] will share my experience with RFLCT and everything about it.”

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