Influencer who tried Valkyrae’s RFLCT gives damning review

Lawrence Scotti

Cloud9 Twitch streamer Macaiyla was sent Valkyrae’s new skincare line RFLCT and shared a thoughtful response to the product amid the controversy surrounding it.

100 Thieves co-owner and YouTuber Valkyrae made headlines on October 19 when her new skincare brand RFLCT was launched, claiming to protect its users from “blue light pollution.”

The product immediately received a wave of backlash, as many critics noted the lack of conclusive evidence suggesting blue light is damaging to the skin.

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When Twitch streamer Macaiyla was sent the RFLCT product to try out, she gave her thoughts on it as well as her opinion on the hate flying Valkyrae’s way and the streamers who publicly supported her.

Macaiyla Twitch streamer Instagram photoInstagram: macaiyla
Macaiyla recently signed with esports organization Cloud9.

Macaiyla on RFLCT

Macaiyla received the RFLCT package days after the announcement, stating that she will eventually give a full review of the product on her YouTube channel.

As of now she wouldn’t recommend the product, and said: ” Obviously aside from the blue light issue, do I still think it’s worth buying?…no. But an honest review about it doesn’t hurt imo.”

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The streamer said fans shouldn’t be harassing other streamers who supported Valkyrae throughout the debacle, and noted: “I don’t think it’s cool to shame any of her friends that support her. Not everyone knows about blue light (even myself). It’s a 2 year project and I think people just wanted to send congrats like normal people do…don’t think most influencers are trying to help promote a scam…”

However, this doesn’t shield Valkyrae entirely from criticism. Macaiyla confessed, “I do think she deserves a bit of backlash on this project because it is a lie.”

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Macaiyla continued, “if you co-found anything, you are responsible for knowing about it no matter what.”

She wrapped up her thoughts on a decisive note adding, “Let’s look at a positive here. She will help her younger audience get into skincare which to me is extremely important. But this could’ve also been a huge opportunity to sell sunscreen. It’s literally the most important product of all so it’s a bit sad that she didn’t include it.”

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Revolt, Valkyrae
Valkyrae has launched some fresh merch, for fans looking to support the streamer on the go.

Macaiyla’s verdict on RFLCT is quite damning, as she wouldn’t recommend it, but we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for the product’s future as Valkrae’s team looks to fix the problem.

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