Valkyrae teases more YouTube signings after Ludwig’s Twitch move

Sam Comrie
An image of Valkyrae and Ludwig from Twitch.

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has teased more YouTube Gaming signings are on the way following Ludwig’s departure from Twitch. 

In a massive move for its growing list of high-profile streamers, Ludwig announced he has signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube. The announcement came as a surprise to everyone, but even more so to fellow streamer Valkyrae.

However, it seems Ludwig is just the tip of the iceberg, as Rae has let on she knows more than meets the eye.

Ludwig talking to camera in blue shirt
Ludwig made the YouTube switch with an unexpected video on Twitter.

Valkyrae teases further YouTube signings

During her November 29 stream, the announcement of Ludwig’s YouTube Gaming signing gave us a live reaction to the news. Caught off guard, she exclaimed “Ludwig tweet?” as his initial post hit social media. “What is this?” she added, as the video displayed a number of skits before the big reveal.

However, Valkyrae’s confusion was just an act, as she then revealed in a sly tone “I already knew. “I just didn’t know it was this soon!”

Responding to a chat member’s response, declaring the move “exciting,” Valkyrae let slip that more surprises are on the way. “I mean I’m not gonna say, you know, anything else,” she confessed, “but…I know a few things.”

This follows Rae’s statement that YouTube is quickly becoming the “only real option” for creators, as YouTube is willing to support and “work with” streamers in a collaborative nature.

Ludwig’s move to YouTube Gaming is an exponential move for the streamer, as he joins the ranks of DrDisrespect and TimTheTatMan. The rise of YouTube Gaming against the Amazon-owned Twitch has only grown in intensity, as streamers continue to blast the platform’s treatment of creators.

As YouTube Gaming’s roster grows stronger, the anticipation of who will join next is incredibly exciting.

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