Valkyrae opens up on Disguised Toast being left out of Jimmy Fallon’s Among Us game

Disguised Toast next to image of ValkyraeYouTube: Disguised Toast / Instagram: valjyrae

Popular streamer Valkyrae has said she’s “really bummed” that Disguised Toast was left out of Jimmy Fallon’s Among Us stream after she, Corpse Husband, and Sykkuno played the game with the late-night host.

Among Us was one of the biggest gaming trends of 2020, sweeping countless different platforms and communities, and bringing together creators that had previously never interacted with each other.

And it wasn’t just online creators who joined in the fun. Even people like US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got involved and did an Among Us stream with some of the most popular streaming creators.

The latest famous face to get involved in the game is Jimmy Fallon, who hosted his own stream with creators like Valkyrae, Corpse, and Sykkuno, along with some cast members from Stranger Things.

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jimmy fallon valkyrae stranger things twitch tonight show nbcValkyrae / Netflix / NBC
Jimmy Fallon chose to give the popular game a try.

But Disguised Toast, one of the creators who boosted Among Us’s popularity to begin with, wasn’t a part of the stream. This came as a disappointment to many fans, and to Toast himself who said: “I’m always going to be fourth. It doesn’t matter what I did for the game at the beginning, it’s what is more marketable now. It’s just business.”

Valkyrae has revealed she was also disappointed by the fact that her friend wasn’t included. “I was really bummed that Toast wasn’t in the Jimmy Fallon thing,” she commented.

“I messaged Toast and I told him, I was like, ‘listen, if there’s ever an opportunity where I can invite people to play Among Us in a really cool opportunity, you will be the first person I ask.'” She also described him as “the face of Among Us.”

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The 100 Thieves star also watched a video of Toast talking about the message she sent him on stream, getting emotional at his acknowledgment.

She said: “Toast, in my eyes, is like a genius, and he has like this effect, you know, where if he acknowledges something I do that’s like, smart, or cool, or something, it feels valuable to me. It feels really cool impressing Toast.”

The two creators are clearly hugely supportive of each other, and even though they didn’t get to participate in the Jimmy Fallon event together, there’s no doubt that they’ll work on plenty of projects together in the future.

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