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Disguised Toast explains why he thinks he was snubbed from Jimmy Fallon’s Among Us stream

Published: 7/Apr/2021 12:13

by Calum Patterson


One of the biggest Among Us streamers, Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, was notably absent from Jimmy Fallon’s April 6 Among Us Twitch stream, which featured Valkyrae and Sykkuno. Toast explains that he’s “not as big” now, which is why he may have not been invited.

As part of Jimmy Fallon’s continued efforts to embed himself in the esports, gaming and influencer culture, he fired up his Twitch stream and invited some of the biggest names to play Among Us with him.

Viewers could of course watch live, but the stream will also be used for a segment on an upcoming episode of his show. The stream featured Noah Schnapp and Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things, along with Corpse_Husband, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae.


But, Disguised Toast, one of the original streamers who helped Among Us explode in popularity, wasn’t part of it, and this disappointed not only him, but his fans too.

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Facebook Gaming/Twitch
Disguised Toast moved to streaming on Facebook in 2019.

“I was big when Among Us first started,” Toast explained, “but I’m not as big as the others, anymore. It just doesn’t make [sense from a] marketing perspective for Among Us or Jimmy Fallon to have me on, instead of the others.

“I’m always going to be fourth. It doesn’t matter what I did for the game at the beginning, it’s what is more marketable now. It’s just business. This is not the first time stuff like this has happened.”


Toast is referring to being fourth of the ‘Amigops’ group: Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Corpse Husband, and Disguised Toast.

Toast continued, explaining that he doesn’t think his “brand” is very marketable.

“Even when I was on Twitch, I wasn’t part of their marketing, or anything. Like, almost everyone in my circle were. At TwitchCon, I remember seeing the banners of a lot of my friends.

“It doesn’t matter how many viewers I get, doesn’t matter how much I have an impact on the scene, it’s just always going to be someone better to promote. Is it a race thing? Is it a gender thing? This is reaching dangerous territory. I think, from a marketing perspective, there’s no reason why I stand out. Because if you look at me, look at my content for a little bit, there’s nothing there.”


Toast now streams exclusively on Facebook, where despite the smaller audience for livestreamed content compared to Twitch and YouTube, he is still incredibly popular.

But, from his comments, he clearly doesn’t feel like his decision to leave Twitch is the reason for missing out on these opportunities – even when on Twitch, he wasn’t featured like other big streamers.