Valkyrae horrified after trying face swap filter with Fuslie and Sykkuno

Valkyrae and Fuslie try face swap during livestreamTwitch: kkatamina

YouTuber Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter and Twitch streamer Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu screamed with shock after trying out a face swap with filter with their friend Sykkuno.

Streaming friends Valkyrae and Fuslie have developed a strong relationship throughout their careers and delighted fans with their many crazy adventures together.

Just some of their most wholesome moments together include losing their minds over Bella Poarch’s incredible singing skills and joining LilyPichu on stage during her Comfi Beats concert.

Yet another moment to be added to the long list was when the duo decided to try a face swap together. However, the results were a little more “cursed” than they were expecting.

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Valkyrae and Fuslie try face swap filter

On August 30, Valkyrae appeared on kkatamina’s livestream with Fuslie and Sykkuno. After having spent the first part of the stream having her hair dyed, kkatamina left Fuslie and Valkyrae to cause chaos with various face filters.

One which the pair tried, swapped over their faces onto the other’s bodies which had them screaming with horror along with their friends Yvonnie and natsumiii.

However, it also gave the duo a chance to poke fun at themselves as they impersonated each other with some of their famous sayings and facial expressions.

After urging the group to “get the holy water,” Sykkuno also decided to have a go at swapping faces with Valkyrae. But, he was so horrified with the result that he quickly jumped away.

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At one point, the app got confused over Valkyrae’s Corpse Husband sweater and swapped her face with Corpse’s leaving the group in hysterics.

The moment proved to be a hit among the group’s fans as they cried with laughter too. Although, some admitted that the “cursed” faces did have them a little horrified like Valkyrae and her friends.