LilyPichu wows Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Fuslie with “awesome” Comfi Beats concert

Emma Hill
LilyPichu performing on stage with screenshot from YouTube announcement video

Star streamer LilyPichu treated her fans to a Comfi Beats music concert and her friends Valkyrae, Fuslie, and more came along to support her. Some even joined in.

As well as being a streamer, LilyPichu has a whole host of talents under her cap. She’s shown off her voice acting skills in several TV shows and video games. Not to mention, she’s also wowed viewers with her incredible animations.

But it was her music which helped to launch her internet career in 2011 following the release of the viral parody song ‘I’ll Quit LoL.’ After a series of hit singles on YouTube, she even released her own album Lilies in 2015.

Fans got to see her singing skills in-person on August 13 when she treated them to a music concert and a number of fellow streamers came along to show their support.

LilyPichu treats fans to in-person music concert

Lily’s entire performance was livestreamed by Twitch creator Scarra. Although, plenty of streamers from across the community were in attendance too.

Lily, who started learning piano at 5-years-old, performed a number of her Comfi Beats hit songs including ‘Dreamy Night’, ‘BREATH (dududu)’, and ‘Waiting for Hasan.’

The man himself ‘HasanAbi’ was there to witness the wholesome moment and apparently “teared up a bit” listening to the “familiar tune.”

Lily wasn’t the only one to treat the audience to some tunes. Her friend Fuslie performed a cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic.’ To help with her nerves, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Yvonne, and Miyoung took to the stage for moral support.

The performance went down a storm on Twitch and soon spread to Twitter as viewers shared their congratulations to Lily and her fellow performers.

Various fans called her an “icon” calling the show an “amazing” and “memorable experience.” One fan said: “Lily, your concert was truly magical! You are stronger and more incredible than you give yourself credit for! We love you.”

Lily sent Twitch wild over the music concert and with many calling on the YouTuber do another one soon, it hopefully won’t be long before she treats fans to another one.