Valkyrae hits back at “disrespectful” Logan Paul dating rumors

Albert Petrosyan
Logan Paul IG / Valkyrae Twitter / Mike Majlak IG

Megastar YouTube streamer Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has addressed the speculation circulating about Logan Paul being interested in her romantically, saying that she “felt disrespected/forced to make things clear” when she responded to the rumors the first time.

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get any odder for the gaming world, Valkyrae and Logan Paul being linked in some surprising potential romance might have to take the cake.

When Impaulsive Podcast co-host Mike Majlak was seen telling 100 Thieves CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag that Logan Paul had been “asking” about Valkyrae and whether or not she was in a relationship, it opened a can of worms that’s still yet to be closed back, apparently.

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The streaming star tweeted out a response at the time, not once but twice, making it very clear that she wasn’t interested. Paul even responded to her tweet with a funny GIF, letting it be known that he was disappointed.

After several days, Valkyrae felt the need to address the topic again, this time with a bit more seriousness in her tone. Apparently, according to the 100 Thieves content creator, some fans did not appreciate the way she responded the first time, even though the whole situation had made her feel disrespected enough to react in such manner.

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“Logan’s friend asks my BOSS about my relationship status PUBLICLY forcing me to respond to people speculating/spreading rumors,” she tweeted. “People disliked the way I responded but I felt disrespected/forced to make things clear.”

She did clarify further that she has no ill will towards the older Paul brother, while also issuing an apology: “I’m sorry for responding immaturely, I don’t have anything against Logan.”

Majlak, who initiated this whole domino effect with a seemingly innocent question to Nadeshot, replied to Valkyrae’s latest tweet to let her know that she doesn’t have to apologize and that the whole thing was meant to be a joke.

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“Rae you don’t have to apologize to anyone, this was all supposed to be a joke and it sucks that the CREATOR OF THE YEAR has to respond to our BS,” he wrote. “Matt is a good friend and he knew I was messing around. I’m not new here, if it was serious that would never be done on camera.”

Logan Paul & Valkyrae involved in dating rumorsYouTube: Logan Paul / Instagram: ValkyRae
Valkyrae has shut down any dating interest from Logan Paul

We already knew how her fans felt from the first time this whole thing went down; “DON’T COME NEAR VALKY” someone wrote, while another sent out a playful threat: “He won’t survive 3 days if he goes near her… that is not a threat, that is a promise.”

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Hopefully, for Valkyrae’s sake and everyone else involved, this is the last time the topic gets brought up publicly on social media and she feels compelled to address it.

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