KSI, FaZe Sway & Deji stunned by Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight

Alice Hearing
Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

KSI, FaZe Sway, and more have been blown away by the announcement that YouTube star Logan Paul and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather have an official date for their upcoming fight. It will be one of the biggest showdowns in YouTube boxing history. 

Fans and fellow influencers alike are massively excited about the news. Some are already making bets on who they think will win, and others are in shock that this fight will be going down at all.

Logan Paul has only ever fought fellow YouTuber KSI twice, losing the first fight and drawing in the second, whereas Floyd Mayweather has been a professional boxer since 1996, and has a record of 50 wins.

The fight itself has been long-speculated, especially after a history of trash-talking between them; in late November, Paul bragged that he could take out Mayweather in a street fight, prompting a long line of insults thrown back and forth.

Here are some of the best reactions to the announcement.

KSI shows his support

Logan Paul faced off with fellow YouTuber KSI twice but now intends to take on the legendary undefeated professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather. KSI could only congratulate Logan on his ambitions.

Deji threw shade

Meanwhile, KSI’s brother and YouTuber Deji threw shade at Logan for being able to fight such a big name after losing to KSI and then only achieving a draw.

YouTuber Jarvis Johnson chimed in by ridiculing the fight with his own claim that he would be fighting Colonel Sanders ‘to the death.’

Others assumed Logan will lose

YouTuber Josh OG  couldn’t believe the news, tweeting his surprise and throwing his support behind the professional boxer rather than his fellow creator.

Another user threw their support behind Mayweather, imagining Logan’s reaction if he gets knocked out.

Who will win?

FaZe Sway couldn’t believe it either and is convinced Floyd Mayweather will win hands down, even betting his own organs. Others used Logan’s controversial past to argue Logan would lose.

Commentary YouTuber Alex Elmslie went the other direction, adding that he thinks Logan could win despite no previous wins, hinting that people should educate themselves on how boxing works.

The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather exhibition match is set for February 20, 2021, and it looks as though everyone is eager to see whether the YouTuber really can face up to a professional boxer.