Valkyrae explains why she doesn’t want to have kids

Virginia Glaze
Valkyrae explains why she doesn't want to have kids right now

YouTube star Valkyrae opened up about her thoughts on possibly having children, revealing that she’s a bit too focused on her career right now to consider being a mom.

Top streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is a busy woman. Between modeling for Gymshark, securing one of the biggest billboards in Times Square, and buying her dream car, Valkyrae has been on quite a tear lately.

Although she’s a streaming icon, Rae is also one to take time to spend with her friends and family, most recently saying that she’s trying to stream less to “do other things with my life now.”

However, it doesn’t look like her career is slowing down enough for her to contemplate having a Valkyrae Jr. The broadcaster cited her busy streaming schedule as one key reason why she doesn’t see kids in her immediate future during a recent Valorant stream.

valkyrae gymshark billboard times square
Valkyrae’s Gymshark photoshoot saw her grace one of Time Square’s biggest billboards.

At first, Rae joked that she should “just have a baby” before backtracking to her current reality and admitting that she loves working too much to take time off at the moment.

Valkyrae says she’s too busy to think about having kids

“I don’t think I’ll be having kids,” she explained. “I just think that I’m so focused on work. I just love working. I just love being busy. I don’t know how I would just stop working to have a kid. It would be so hard.”

“I just feel like there’s so many people on this planet already,” she added. “For me, the experience of raising a child would be, probably, too difficult.”

“I see myself being a good mom, but I don’t know. I think I would overthink everything to the point where I wouldn’t want my kid going to public school. Those decisions, they all matter. Do you do public school or private school? Both of those have pros and cons.”

For now, it’s clear that Rae is focused on her job as one of the world’s most popular online broadcasters to think about taking a lengthy timeout — but the streamer has said she’s open to starting a new romantic relationship (although dating apps are definitely out of the question).

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