Valkyrae reveals plans to fund the adoption of a child with her mom

valkyraeTwitter: Valkyrae

Valkyrae has revealed in a tweet that she plans on funding the adoption of a child together with her mom.

YouTube star Valkyrae is no stranger to a busy life, between modeling for GymShark and co-owning 100 Thieves, she also consistently streams and creates content for her viewers to enjoy.

Due to Rae’s incredibly busy schedule and lifestyle, she’s expressed why she doesn’t want kids whilst on stream, stating “I just think that I’m so focused on work. I just love working. I just love being busy. I don’t know how I would just stop working to have a kid. It would be so hard.”

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However, that hasn’t stopped her from assisting her mother in bringing another child into the family. As Valkyrae announced on Twitter on March 6 that she and her mom are considering adoption.

The streamer tweeted earlier that she is currently considering adoption for a baby, with her mother raising the child while she supports them financially. Rae has considered this to be “another little sibling”, and therefore isn’t set on raising the child herself, and is more supporting her mother whilst she looks after them.

Many have sprung into excitement and support for the streamer, offering advice along the way, noting that Rae has a long road ahead of her in the adoption process.

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Rae has come forward and announced that this decision has been one that was under consideration for quite some time now, and expressed she believes that it’s “an appropriate time to start the long process”.

Whilst not directly raising the child herself, she plans on contributing financially and assisting her mother in helping raise it as her father passed away in 2017.

Rae was sure to take advice from others, in particular, those who shared their stories about being adopted, truly showing care and understanding for the process.

While the announcement was recent, Valkyrae is well aware of the time it will take to adopt a child, stating it will “probably take years”. This means we might not hear more about the adoption until later down the line.

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