Asmongold taking “break” from Twitch just days after suddenly ending Diablo 4 stream

Michael Gwilliam
asmongold takes break from streaming after diablo 4Blizzard/Twitch/Asmongold

Legendary Twitch streamer Asmongold has announced he is taking another break from broadcasting mere days after leaving fans concerned by suddenly ending his Diablo 4 broadcast.

Asmongold finally returned to his main Twitch channel for the first time since December 2022 to celebrate the launch of Diablo 4, but it seems like the account will be dormant once again.

The Twitch streamer has been very open about dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues recently, even revealing that he had to delay a broadcast on his alternate account due to a panic attack.

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Now, according to the OTK co-owner, he’s going to be taking another break from streaming and explained why he suddenly ended his Diablo 4 stream.

Asmongold reveals why he randomly stopped streaming Diablo 4

In a post on Asmongold’s Reddit, the streamer explained that anxiety and stress made him want to stop streaming the game – and he feels absolutely awful about it.

“If you’re one of the people who feels like this is stupid, embarrassing, or pathetic, you’re in good company, because I feel the exact same way. It’s astonishing to me that this is even a problem in my life, and I hate myself for indulging in it,” he said.

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asmongold white tee shirt headerYouTube/Asmongold Clips
Asmongold has announced another break from Twitch.

Asmongold further added that he hadn’t even hopped on D4 for more than two hours since ending the broadcast early, despite being very excited to finally play it.

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The Twitch icon also delved into his attempts to deal with the streaming issues to no avail, saying that everything he tried – from taking medication to talking about it with peers – had a minimal effect.

However, despite plans to stop streaming on his main account until he is mentally ready, Asmongold says he will stream the OTK Games Expo on the 10th and return to his alternate channel Zackrawrr when he’s back home.

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Asmongold returns and assures fans he’s “totally fine”

On the following day from his Reddit post, Asmongold took himself to an emergency room. As it turns out, his written post didn’t quite paint the full picture. On top of the mental health struggle, he revealed in a June 5 Twitter video that specific pain in his leg forced him off of Twitch.

“I woke up and I had some pain in my leg. I was stressed out, I was worried. You sit down for a long time, you’ve got pain in your leg, that could be a blood clot. That scared the f*** out of me.”

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However, after visiting the emergency room and getting thoroughly tested, Asmon is now confident all is okay. Moving forward, he’ll be looking to lead a somewhat healthier lifestyle.

You can catch up on Asmon’s full return to social media here.

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