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Disguised Toast shares interesting theory about how Valkyrae boosts his views

Published: 12/Dec/2021 23:12

by Brent Koepp


Twitch streamer Disguised Toast shared his interesting take on why collaborating with YouTuber Valkyrae boosts his viewership numbers. The OfflineTV creator also revealed a big reason why views were “artificial” during the Among Us craze.

When popular content creators stream together, the collaboration has the potential to draw in a massive audience by bringing multiple fanbases together in one place.

According to Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast‘ Wang, however, there is a specific reason why viewership numbers become boosted. The Twitch star revealed how playing games with Rachell ‘Valkyrae‘ Hofstetter may have led to artificial views.

Disguised Toast explains how Valkyrae boosted his views

During his December broadcast, the OfflineTV creator opened up to his audience about his streaming numbers. According to Toast, he had gained a substantial boost in viewership while recently playing Escape Room Simulator with 100 Thieves Co-Owner Valkyrae.


“I noticed during my stream with Valkyrae, I went from 21,000 viewers to 31,000 viewers,” he said. “I didn’t know I had 31k viewers until after and I was trying to understand why.” He then shared his theory that fans are hopping between the two streams.

“One reason I can think of is because we were both streaming and competing, people like hopping between the two perspectives. So I don’t know if those extra 10k viewers are people from her channel,” the streamer said.

While Disguised Toast called the bump in views “artificial” if his theory was correct, he went on to explain to his audience why Among Us also had inflated viewership numbers due to collaboration streams.


“One of the reasons why a lot of viewership went up for Among Us is because viewers hopped. A lot of stream hopping. And they tended to hop towards the imposter. The reason why streamers loved being imposter, is that viewership for imposter players in any lobby doubles.”

It’s an interesting theory and a good insight into how audiences may behave when two streamers they like are playing together. If nothing else, it also shows how co-op games can change the behaviors of viewers.