Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley accused of rigging boxing match after split decision


Jake Paul’s fight with Tyron Woodley has come and gone but there have been some accusations that the fight result was never going to be in doubt. 

Be it on social media or inside the boxing ring, Jake Paul has become a lightning rod for controversy. No matter where he goes or what he does, somebody will try to pick holes in it, though he has started to prove people wrong with boxing gloves on.

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After winning decisively against Nate Robinson and Ben Askren, the YouTuber faced his toughest test to date in the form of former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley.

Jake managed to pick up a split decision victory after slugging it out with T-Wood, but there are some viewers who believe that something might be amiss.

Jake Paul Tyron WoodleyJake Paul won via split decision in his fourth professional fight.

Accusations have started to appear

As these highly viewed events pour in the revenue, some viewers aren’t too sure about the validity of the fight. The boxing community has seen accusations of rigging appear countless times and, just like with the Ben Askren bout, Paul is under the magnifying glass again.

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Many social media users have pointed to Woodley’s approach in the fight as being unusual. Despite managing to rock Paul’s world with a mean right hook in the fourth round, Woodley didn’t push for the knockout.

“Hella times Tyron Woodley would hit Jake Paul with a shot and had no follow up, it’s almost like he’ll hit him and wait for him to recover like “aye u good??” posted DJ Akademiks. “Jake was throwing scared punches and he just looked sloppy. No reason for Woodley not to win that fight, he was just too passive” said one disappointed fan on Woodley’s performance.

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Other onlookers questioned the judges too. “They had 2 Ohio judges and 1 PA (Pennsylvania) judge. The 2 Ohio judges chose Jake and the pa judge chose Woodley,” said one. “Jake Paul was always gonna win by decision, judges know where the money is,” added another. 

Countless other social media users poked fun about the standard of judging but many others ultimately suggested that Paul deserved the win – if only by a smaller margin.

In regards to Paul’s winnings, it has been reported that the content creator is sharing the wealth with his undercard fighters and Woodley himself: “I’m not saying, I’m actually doing it. That’s taking money out of my pocket to give all boxers the biggest payday of their lives.”

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Both fighters have yet to respond to the accusations.