Tyler1 hilariously fails another sponsored segment on Twitch

Tyler1 Sponsored Ad Red ShirtTwitch: Tyler1

League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp hosted a sponsored stream for Old Spice on his Twitch channel, which led to some hilarious ad reads and fails.

Tyler1 is known for being tilted at his teammates in League of Legends, but now, his biggest enemy might be sponsored ad reads.

Tyler1 promoted the popular deodorant Old Spice in a sponsored stream on June 30, which created a couple of moments of hilarity, and also frustration for the biggest LoL streamer on Twitch.

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The streamer becomes increasingly annoyed by the famous Old Spice whistle sound that began to play every time a viewer subscribed to the channel.

“It’s a little annoying, I’m not gonna lie. Maybe I can mute it?” he politely exclaimed, before admitting defeat and saying he isn’t used to a sound playing so frequently on his channel.

Later in the stream, Tyler is reminded he missed an entire talking point for the sponsorship and gets right into character.

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Tyler1’s history of sponsored ad reads

Tyler isn’t a newcomer to sponsored ad reads, as he’s done them before to varying degrees of success.

He was sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings a few months back, and was disappointed in the number of wings in one of the boxes he was sent, saying “Six f**king wings? What am I gonna do with this s**t? I mean, it’s not shit. What I mean is, it’s good”

There is a pure honesty in Tyler’s sponsored streams that one can appreciate, at least. Six wings simply aren’t enough for a man of that stature.

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Compared to the Buffalo Wild Wings ad reads, Old Spice should be thankful the stream went as well as it did.

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