Tyler1 goes off at Riot Games on stream: “I wish them all the worst”

Tyler1 Screengrab of Stream RantTwitch: loltyler1

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 went off at Riot Games during a recent rant on stream, berating various Riot offices and wishing “them all the worst”.

League of Legends can be quite a frustrating game from time to time. As a team-based strategy game with a lot of moving parts, it can be quite a difficult ordeal to achieve victory. Put together that often you’re working with 3-4 strangers in a solo queue environment, it makes sense why tilt and toxicity are sadly common phrases used within the League community.

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No one may know League of Legends better than NA-based streamer Tyler1. Tyler1 is easily one of the most recognizable figures from the League community and has hit Challenger on every single role within the MOBA. With over 5.2 million followers currently on Twitch, he mainly streams his climb and gameplay to his many, many viewers.

Tyler has been known as quite the toxic player within the League community, even listing himself as the most reformed player on his Twitch description. There have been plenty of times when Tyler’s outbursts have gone viral, gaining the attention of the League community and Rioters. As such, Tyler has made quite a name for himself as an individual in the community and he’s even been invited to attend various League events.

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Tyler1 condemns Riot Games employees and offices in latest on stream rant

The most recent rant from Tyler1 ended up being pretty damning towards Riot, as he went through each Riot Office and called them various words.

Tyler1 began ranting about player behavior, balancing, and the client stating, “every job, every person, every position that has to do with player behavior, and that has to do with balancing and the client. You all are motherf***ers who deserve nothing good in life.”

The streamer didn’t stop there, however, going even further and slandering each of the individual Riot offices around the world. “Riot Korea, you f***ing failures, Riot Korea is. Riot NA, complete dogsh*t. Riot EU West, f***ing morons… Riot hires the biggest dipsh*ts for every region.”

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Tyler’s rant continued, as he began to theorize where Riot finds their employees. “I wonder where they find these guys, are they like toddlers and middle schoolers or something? It’s disgusting every region is disgusting, it’s a whole culture problem, this dog sh*t company, I wish them all the worst.”

Riot has yet to respond to the scathing rant Tyler made on stream, but this may likely put a dampen on the company and streamer’s relationship.

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