Tfue blames Twitch ads for killing his motivation to stream

Michael Gwilliam
tfue streaming on kickKick/Tfue

Kick streamer Tfue has revealed one of the worst parts about his time on Twitch and it’s by far the nonstop advertisements.

Tfue shocked the streaming world on November 19 by announcing his shock return on Kick, leaving the purple platform behind.

Once one of the biggest names on Twitch, Tfue’s deal with them was reportedly a nightmare. Fellow streamer Ninja even claimed he was a “slave to his contract” as it required him to stream over 200 hours a month.

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Now that Tfue has a new home, he spilled some details about his time on Twitch and how his favorite thing about Kick isn’t the 95/5 sub split, but rather that there are no ads.

Tfue explains why ads make Twitch worse than Kick

During a recent Fortnite stream, Tfue recalled that Kick had wanted to sign him for a while, but one of the main reasons he decided to agree was the fact there wouldn’t be advertisements.

“I f**king hate ads,” he slammed. “I hated running ads. Oh my God, they were the worst. I think I ran over five minutes every hour.”

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It turns out that running so many ads ended up taking a toll on the streamer, detailing how they affected him personally.

Tfue added, “I think it was starting to deteriorate not only my motivation, but my stream in general. I’m we don’t have to deal with that sh*t here.”

He went on to argue that ads are doing a lot more harm on other platforms as well, pointing to YouTube’s ad block detection.

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Luckily, with no ads on Kick, Tfue won’t have to deal with running advertisements ever again and his first few streams have been a hit.

His first broadcast back, Tfue started giving away $100K to complete strangers, stunning beachgoers who were taken aback by generous cash gifts.

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