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Tyler1 embarrasses fan trying to roast him on Twitter

Published: 12/Oct/2019 10:57 Updated: 12/Oct/2019 11:13

by Joe Craven


Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘tyler1’ Steinkamp brutally hit back at a Twitter user after they tried to roast him, much to the amusement of his watching audience. 

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Tyler1 is well known for his explosive personality and hilarious clips, regularly screaming and shouting his way through streams, often voicing his frustrations at LoL, the game he streams almost exclusively.

While streaming on October 11, the 24-year-old brutally hit back at a fan on Twitter, who tried to mock him for his music knowledge, after he apparently misunderstood the Worlds 2019 theme. As expected, Steinkamp had a few choice words for his critic. 


Riot GamesLoL is one of the world’s most popular games, with a huge following on Twitch.
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“So this guy on Twitter,” Tyler explained. “He said ‘Tyler1 is a fucking idiot for not understanding what the Phoenix music video fully entails. Yeah, you may be adept at computer knowledge but you lack 0 musical understanding here.” 

“So I thought, well Alex,” Tyler responded. “That was a pretty fucking alpha message – I wonder what demons you’ve conquered. So I looked at his profile… let’s just say yeah.” 

The streamer clicks over to Alex’s Twitter profile, which features a number of anime art, some of which is explicit in nature. To avoid showing anything that could incur a ban, Tyler quickly clicks off, but summarizes: “Alex… you’re a goddamn loser.” 


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The tweet was in reference to the Phoenix Music Video that was released on October 8 on the official League of Legends YouTube channel. 

The song features Caitlin Russo and Chrissy Costanza and is intended to promote the League of Legends World Championships, which take place from October 2 to November 19. 

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Tyler1’s viewers found the whole incident hilarious; clearly accustomed to seeing Tyler hit back at any fans who are brave enough to take him on.

As the 2019 League of Legends World Championships progress, you can stay completely up to date with all of our dedicated coverage