Riot reveal major map changes to League of Legends for Season 10

Daniel Cleary

League of Legends after Worlds 2019.

As League of Legends approaches its 10 year anniversary, Riot has announced their goals for Season 10 of the popular MOBA, hinting at changes to the Summoner’s Rift.

The layout of the popular map has remained mostly untouched since its initial release in October, 2009, however, Riot have shared that adding environmental changes in the 2020 preseason is one of their main goals.

riot gamesSummoner’s Rift is expected to see major changes after Worlds 2019.

In Riot Games’ latest post, which updated fans on what to expect in Season 10, they highlighted that variety and mastery were going to be the main drivers in how they make the upcoming changes.

They suggested that the popular map could see the addition of dynamic elements that change each game, claiming that they are moving away from having static terrain, “This preseason, we want to add new layers of depth to the map itself to evolve it into more than a static backdrop in your games.”

When expressing their ideas for adding more variety to League of Legends games, they hinted at more neutral objectives possibly being added that could have an impact on the map.

“The map should create more memorable moments via different environments you don’t see every game. Elemental Dragons already offer this very lightly, but we want to go further and in a way that’s fair for both teams.”

Riot gamesThe upcoming changes for the 2020 season could include more neutral objectives.

As League of Legends has been primarily focused on making the right macro plays, which includes rotations and taking objectives, they also revealed that they would be looking to add more incentives to make plays through fighting.

“The map should offer more details to play around in both the baseline experience and the not-every-game circumstances we’re creating. Much of SR’s mastery is currently macro-oriented and we want terrain to support more opportunity for in-combat playmaking.”

Riot shared that they would be going more in-depth on the new changes to Summoner’s Rift on October 15 in an episode of Riot Pls, in which developers reflect on major changes to the popular game.

The upcoming changes are expected to take place following Worlds 2019, which concludes on November 11 with the grand final, as pro players have a few months off ahead of the 2020 season to adjust.

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