Tyler1 gets aspiring Twitch mod in trouble with screaming challenge

Andrew Amos

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp had a challenge for an aspiring Twitch mod in his League game — scream at the top of your lungs and you’ll get the prestigious role. The user took him up on the challenge, but also landed himself in some hot water by doing so, leaving the streamer speechless.

Tyler1’s outgoing nature and brash personality gave the popular League of Legends streamer a rise to stardom. While he’s scaled back on the toxicity, his over-the-top antics still entertains his tens of thousands of viewers daily, whether that be during a League game or otherwise.

Plenty of imitators have tried to copy the enigmatic streamer, but for most, it just doesn’t feel authentic. However, one viewer took Tyler on in a 1v1 — in-game and out — and proved his ‘alphaness.’ Unfortunately, it also landed him in hot water.

Tyler1 screaming on Twitch stream
Tyler1 can get pretty loud at times, but it’s this personality that rocketed him to the top of Twitch.

During his January 29 stream, Tyler1 was challenging his viewers to 1v1’s in League. ‘Armf’ was one of the lucky ones to match up with the League enigma, giving the streamer a beatdown in a Bard mirror match.

The duo were in call together, with armf’s mom popping into the background momentarily. The streamer mocked his guest for it, jokingly saying “dude you better quiet down, mom might get mad,” but then an idea popped into his head.

“I dare you, I’ll give you mod if you yell right now,” Tyler1 challenged. “Loud as f**k. I promise, if you yell right now, loud like [screaming,] I will give you mod.”

The proposition of being a moderator in the streamer’s Twitch chat was enticing for the challenger, with armf taking him up on the dare. “Well, I have the worst throat,” he stuttered, a bit nervous about trying to imitate his idol.

Tyler1 re-stated the rules of the challenge, making sure that he wouldn’t cheat. “I mean [even louder screaming] and I don’t mean mic close to your mouth, I mean—,” he added, but he was cut off by armf prepping his throat getting ready to scream.

What came out of the guest’s throat was something else. It was a pretty guttural yell, eliciting a smug smile and a laugh from Tyler1. However, armf’s dad stormed into the room just a few seconds later, and he was less than impressed.

“Hey, you think you can do f**king things like that,” he said, talking down to his son on the computer. “Go out and do that, not in here.” This reaction turned Tyler1’s shock into a little bit of guilt, as armf came back a bit more softly-spoken.

“Tyler, you almost f**ked with my life,” he whispered, telling himself to calm down and finish off the 1v1.

The two went back to playing their 1v1 in a bit of awkward silence, before armf came out on top against the Twitch Rivals champion. All the challenger could muster, in the end, was a quick “GG,” and admitted it had all been worth it.

After the battle was done, Tyler1 was true to his word and ended up moderating armf, although there were a few conditions that came with the privilege.

“I’ll still give you mod because what you did was alpha as fuck, even if a little bit disrespectful to your family so I shouldn’t have made you do it but whatever,” the streamer conceded, admitting that he only let armf win because he “feels sorry for what is going on in that household.”

At the end of the day, armf got his mod privileges, Tyler1 got a kick out of his worthy opponent, and Twitch chat had a field day with memes. While the mod rank might have come at a cost, all good things in life do, and he will be sure to do Tyler1 proud with his newfound power.

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