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Streamer has perfect response to troll “complimenting” her clothing

Published: 29/Jan/2020 10:50

by Calum Patterson


Twitch streamer PlayWithJambo hit back at a viewer for their comments about her choice of clothing on stream, after they had praised her for “not being basically naked.”

There is often debate about what is appropriate to wear as a Twitch broadcaster, with viewers often suggesting some streamers will dress more suggestively to attract attention.

The platform has strict rules about what is appropriate attire, but there is a view that they are not always so strictly enforced. PlayWithJambo however, wasn’t happy at all when a viewer thought they could pass comment on what she chose to wear.

Streamer talking to chat on Twitch
Twitch: PlayWithJambo
PlayWithJambo can be found streaming a variety of games on Twitch

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The viewer had arrived in her stream and immediately posted “thank you for not being basically naked to speak your mind,” perhaps believing it was complimentary of the streamer.

But Jambo snapped back, “if I wanted to wear a tank top and flash my ti**ies all over Twitch, I would do it, and I wouldn’t need your approval to do so.”

“I’m sorry, but anybody with that kind of close-minded attitude – it’s not a compliment. It’s important to me that you know, that’s not a compliment. Putting down other women and what they choose to wear, what they choose to do and who they choose to be, is not complimenting somebody else.”


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Jambo suggested some alternative comments that could have been left, which would have actually been complimentary, such as “I really like your hoodie!”

Concluding, the streamer exclaimed, “if you want to have your ass hanging out of some shorts, if you want to have your ti**ies out, that does not decrease the value of your opinion. The clothes that anyone wears, should define the value of your opinion.”

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Earlier in January, another female streamer, Indiefoxx, also hit out at viewers, disappointed that her viewership and sub count would drop when she wore less revealing clothing.


Indiefoxx explained that dressing in certain ways had “made my stream more successful but it has not made me mentally okay with what I believe the entertainment industry is.”

Others have argued that there is no winning, regardless of which side you are on. Another streamer, AshleyRoboto, explained “If you have cleavage, the men will bitch at you on Twitch. If you have a turtleneck, the men will bitch at you on Twitch. What do you want?”

PlayWithJambo finished her monologue by showing that her hoodie said “filthy”, and saying “my hoodie matches your attitude, sir.”