Twitch unbans controversial hot tub streamer eight months after removing account

Twitch hot tub streamerInstagram: ExohydraX

Twitch has gone on a wild ride with bans, unbans, warnings and scams all related to the hot tub meta in mid-2021. Adding more confusion into the mix, the streaming giant has just undone an 8-month-old ban on hot tub streamer “ExoHydraX.”

Trying to read the mind of Twitch mods is clearly a wasted effort. The company has caught attention before for inconsistency with the application of its Terms of Service (ToS).

Now, doubling back on a decision from 8 months prior, Twitch has unbanned ExoHydraX, a streamer and OnlyFans model caught up in the middle of the fallout from the hot tub meta from mid-2o21.

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ExoHydraX has had a particularly rocky relationship with the platform, being banned prior, and calling the company out in a public manner over perceived racism.

In a response to these bans, she told Dexerto at the time “if you’re curvier than the average thin streamer you’re seen as more sexual even though both streamers could be wearing and doing the same thing.”

The decision is particularly eye-catching for the peculiarity of the time frame. Undoing the ban more than half a year later has certainly raised some eyebrows.

Tweets in reply to the announcement have caught the general consensus of confusion accurately. “I’ve never seen an 8-month ban” tweeted ‘SecondCITE’.

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With her last ban being appealed and overturned within a matter of days, this could potentially be the same thing, just over a longer period of time.

When asked why she thought she’d been banned ExoHydraX said “I’m not sure, I went off screen for 15 mins and came back to being banned. that stream was actually a pretty chilled stream tbh, one of my calmest hot tub streams.”

Following on from the announcement that she had been unbanned from the platform, ExoHydraX was keen to make it clear she wouldn’t be returning to the hot tub stream scene, calling the “thot livestream grind” a “thing of the past”

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Overall, a confusing mix of events, with Twitch proving yet again that their ban process is unclear at best..