Hot tub streamer banned from Twitch twice already in 2023: “I don’t understand”

JubileeBlais cosplaying as MistyTwitch: JubileeBlais

JubileeBlais, a hot tub streamer on Twitch, has been suspended from the platform for the second time in 2023, just 4 hours after she was unbanned. Both bans were issued for suggestive content.

Jubilee has now been banned from Twitch 7 times in the past month. With one of the previous bans being an “indefinite suspension” that ultimately only lasted a day.

All of the bans have been for sexually suggestive conduct or inappropriate attire. Jubilee frequently streams from a bathtub while wearing a swimming suit.

Jubilee banned again, hours after unbanning

Blaisdell is currently appealing the ban and pleading with Twitch via her Twitter account to have her channel reinstated on the platform. On Twitter, she said “This is actually very depressing and I’m sad about it, I don’t understand their rules.

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“It’s not clear. I can’t be myself.”

Many commenters have questioned how someone can be banned and not be banned indefinitely.

“How are they still on the platform? @Twitch Keep this person off the platform. Follow your own TOS. They have been banned 6 times in a month,” said streamer VengefulMadness.

The length of the latest ban remains to be seen. Typically, indefinite bans are longer than 30 days.

In the meantime, Twitch’s crusade against “suggestive” emotes continues, with the removal of Jinnytty’s “yyjTasty” emote, and BazzaGazza’s “bazzShake” emote over the course of last week.