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Twitch apologizes after banning streamer for “offensive” username

Published: 7/Nov/2020 11:24 Updated: 7/Nov/2020 12:17

by Calum Patterson


A Twitch streamer who was inexplicably banned indefinitely, with Twitch citing his “inappropriate” username, has been unbanned and received an apology from the platform.

Twitch’s moderation actions are under constant scrutiny among the community of both streamers and viewers. Streamers will often complain of unjust suspensions, and unclear reasons given (or rather, not given) for their punishment.

One streamer to fall victim to this error was ‘pavlle_’ – a small streamer with only 59 followers, whose story went viral on Reddit, after the platform banned him permanently for a supposedly “inappropriate” username.

The username in question was “Pajja_” – in Spanish, this word has a colloquial meaning, which would indeed be offensive.

Twitch Logo on Purple background
Twitch’s moderation and community guidelines are under constant scrutiny.

However, the streamer, Pavlle (as he now goes by), is Serbian, not Spanish, and so when he was suspended for his name, was totally bemused.

On October 8, he shared his ban notification on Twitter, which said “Reason: Using an inappropriate username”, and confirmed the length of the suspension as “indefinite.”

“It’s been a good run, thank you all for continued support,” Pavlle said. “Apparently my Twitch name “Pajja_” my nickname I had for YEARS is offensive somehow.”

For almost a month, Pavlle received no response from Twitch after he filed a support ticket to dispute the suspension.

However, thankfully, his story went viral on the popular subreddit r/LivestreamFail, accruing over 14,000 upvotes after it was posted on November 6.

Only hours after this thread began to gain momentum, Twitch sent an email to Pavlle, confirming he was no longer banned, and stating that the suspension was a mistake on their part.

The timing of the email, coinciding with the now-viral Reddit post, does raise questions, as it’s unlikely (although possible) that it was coincidental.

If the story had not been shared to Reddit, would Twitch have noticed and acknowledged the mistake?

“I am glad I am unbanned at least,” Pavlle said. But, he also highlighted that it took “over a month” for a mistake to be rectified. For some streamers, who make their career from broadcasting, this could be a devastating loss of income.

This follows after another streamer, “Piece of Sheet”, was banned for his apparently “inappropriate name” – despite using it for eight years.


AOC confirms Twitch return in Among Us stream with Hasan: how to watch

Published: 27/Nov/2020 2:45 Updated: 27/Nov/2020 2:55

by Brad Norton


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez broke records with her debut Twitch stream as she laughed and bumbled her way through Among Us and the internet couldn’t get enough. Now, she’s all set to do it once again with some massive names joining up for the big return.

It wasn’t the biggest individual stream Twitch has ever seen ⁠— that honor remains with Ninja and Drake ⁠— but Ocasio-Cortez, fondly nicknamed AOC, came awfully close when she went live on Oct. 28 for more than 439k eager viewers.

The huge stream, backed by AOC’s desire to “sell the vote” to gamers, scribed the US representative into Twitch’s history books. It also left the internet hungry for more ⁠— AOC’s bubbly personality and funny wit had endeared her to millions.

For weeks eager viewers were left pondering when she’d make her return. Now, we finally have a solid date locked in and even know some of the names she’ll be streaming with. Here’s everything you need to know about AOC’s upcoming return to Twitch.

AOC playing Among Us on Twitch.
Twitch: AOC
AOC has confirmed when she’ll be back on Twitch.

AOC confirms second Twitch stream

The internet at large has been baying for AOC to hit that “go live” button again sooner rather than later. Now her electoral race is won and her sights can shift back over to Twitch.

Despite some earlier teases, it’s been just over a month since the first historic broadcast, but now we have a date for the next one. AOC will be going live on Twitch on Friday, November 27 at 4 PM PT | 7PM EST.

Last time, Ocasio-Cortez streamed mid-week, on a Tuesday and the spectacle ran for just a few hours. Expect a similar duration this time around given the late evening start time.

What will AOC play? League, Among Us, Fall Guys

AOC hasn’t yet branched out to anything other than some Among Us gameplay. It’s a casual experience that anyone can jump into, so it removes any busywork from her broadcasts.

Last time she paired up with fellow US rep Ilhan Omar, Pokimane, and more on InnerSloth’s smash-hit. It appears that she’ll be doing much the same this time around, but with a few fresh faces.

Canadian Member of Parliament Jagmeet Singh will be getting into the mix, as will popular Twitch streamers Hasan and Northernlion.

However, the New York politician could also try her hand at League of Legends on-stream down the line. Pokimane said she would “be here anytime [AOC] needed,” to which Ocasio-Cortez suggested LoL.

“League duo bot?! Except I haven’t played in months, I’m gonna be real bad,” AOC joked on Twitter in reply to Pokimane. “Maybe Among Us again, for a bit.”

A League of Legends stream certainly makes sense; Pokimane first made her name on LoL, and AOC is a self-confessed League lover, though she says she’s not played it “a whole lot.”

She must have played a bit at least, though, because on Nov. 14 ⁠— a month after revealing she was Bronze V ⁠— she shared on Instagram she had been promoted to Silver IV, one whole ranked tier higher. That’s some serious grinding!

The 31-year-old mainly plays Sona, Janna, Lux, and Morgana, and is “working on Lulu” to add to her champ pool; Pokimane will have to play ADC if they duo queue. Perhaps with her second stream now locked in, a special LoL broadcast could be right around the corner as well.

AOC's second Twitch stream could be another record-breaking broadcast.
YouTube: RuPauls
AOC’s second Twitch stream could be another record-breaking broadcast.

If you want to join the 740,000+ fans who have already followed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitch, head to her profile: you’ll be alerted when she’s live.