Sommer Ray hints at hot tub stream that could “crash Twitch”

Alice Hearing

Fitness influencer Sommer Ray has hinted that she will be starting her own Twitch channel and could be going live in the form of a hot tub stream. 

The ongoing ‘Hot Tub meta’ that’s taken over Twitch in the last few months has Just Chatting streamers pushing the boundaries as to what is acceptable.

But it has also become a controversial topic within the community. Big streamers and personalities including Pokimane and Ethan Klein have voiced their opinion on whether these hot tub streams should be allowed on Twitch.

The hot tub streams don’t actually break any rules under Twitch guidelines as bathing suits are permissible as long as they are being worn in an appropriate environment (e.g. a beach or pool).

Sommer Ray Instagram photo
Sommer Ray is apparently starting her Twitch channel this coming week

Now, it appears that influencers not native to Twitch are coming on to the platform to take advantage of the latest trend.

Internet personality Sommer Ray and Mike Majlak joined Adin Ross’ stream on May 17, in which Adin asked “Are you excited to be on the Twitch?… your grind starts this week.”

Sommer expressed her excitement for her new internet venture but asked Mike and Adin for help because she didn’t know where to begin. Mike and Adin then thought that one way for Sommer to get started would be joining in on the hot tub meta.

(Topic starts at 3:12)

As a fitness model, Sommer is known for some of her thirst traps across different social media channels, often posing in revealing outfits or tight-fitting activewear. Since she certainly has the body for it, there is no doubt a hot-tub stream would amass a large audience.

Although Sommer seemed a little hesitant to run with the idea, Mike and Adin were both certain that if she were to do that kind of stream it would “crash twitch,” and commenters underneath the video certainly agreed.

After getting seeing some enthusiastic comments from viewers, Sommer seemed convinced and decided to buy a hot tub, and even Mike loved the idea for himself and his own content.

Recently, some users reported that you can’t actually talk about the meta on Twitch’s own channel, and so if this is the beginning of some kind of crackdown from the platform, influencers won’t have much longer to take advantage of the money-making trend.