Twitch streamer under fire after ‘biting and throwing’ toddler on stream - Dexerto

Twitch streamer under fire after ‘biting and throwing’ toddler on stream

Published: 17/Dec/2019 11:39 Updated: 17/Dec/2019 14:18

by Andy Williams


A Twitch streamer has been allegedly banned and faced an abundance of backlash after ‘biting and throwing’ their child while playing Fortnite on stream.

During a December 16 broadcast, a streamer under the alias ‘TTV_MajesticUnicorn’ appeared to ‘bite and throw’ a toddler on stream while attempting to play Fortnite.

Shortly after a clip of the incident being released in Tweet, the Twitch community huddled up and called for the Twitch channel to be suspended from the platform. 

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The creator received a slew of adverse comments in response to the Tweet which questioned whether “child abuse” went against the platform’s community guidelines


Among the plethora of responses that called for their Twitch ban, plenty have called for the streamer to be reported to child services. 

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While one user commented that the incident was “disturbing beyond belief,” another expressed their concern for the child’s safety.

In a since-deleted Tweet, MajesticUnicorn replied to an anger-fueled post from one user by stating that the user has “too much time on their hands” in response to being called out for their actions.


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Since the post tagged the official Twitch Support Twitter account, the platform’s moderators were immediately notified and, at the time of writing, the streamer’s Twitch channel is no longer available. 


Majestic Unicorn is yet to release a statement amid the accusations and in response to their channel being allegedly banned. We will update this post with any more relevant information as and when it unfolds.

Twitch are making a continued effort to enforce the repercussions for overstepping the marking while streaming on their platform. As the Amazon-owned broadcasting service clamps down on imposing their Terms of Service, creators have hit out for their ‘unjust’ bans.

PaymoneyWubby used several Twitch streamers to showcase Twitch’s alleged inconsistency and favoritism when applying the rules stipulated in the Terms of Service. However, regardless of the backlash, there is a clear need for community guidelines in order to support streamers and moderate unwelcomed behavior.


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In the aftermath of the events unfolding, the user who highlighted the ‘biting and throwing’ of the toddler has claimed that the Twitch streamer has now been permanently banned from the platform and that “details have also been passed onto authorities.”

Although its worth noting that Twitch themselves do not comment on community guideline violations, to respect the privacy of their users.