PaymoneyWubby claims Pokimane’s lack of ban highlights Twitch ‘bias’

PaymoneyWubby (YouTube)/Pokimane (Twitch).

PaymoneyWubby has explained why he believes Twitch is “destroying lives” during a YouTube video titled “Twitch and their abuse of power.” In the same video, he uses fellow streamer Pokimane as an example to highlight the perceived favoritism when the platform hands out bans.

Following on from his return to the streaming platform, PaymoneyWubby or ‘Wubby’ as he’s also referred to, is making an effort to “expose” the behind the scenes processes at Twitch.

This comes after the American was banned for 14 days, for streaming in a restaurant – which Twitch moderators deemed to be an invasion of privacy – despite obtaining permission from the staff to stream inside the facility beforehand.

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After jokingly offering Mixer to stream exclusively on their platform “to the tune of $5 million for five years,” Wubby seems intent on setting the record straight with their rival broadcasting counterpart, Twitch.

PaymoneyWubby (Twitch).Wubby returned to Twitch by mocking their staff with a skit.

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In the wake of his suspension (which was reduced from 14 days to five), the American uploaded a video to his YouTube channel on November 24. PaymoneyWubby states that Twitch currently has a number of issues with its processes and uses examples of other streamers on the platform to highlight what he believes to be favoritism.

Initially, Wubby compared his five-day ban to Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa’s three-day ban — which he described as: ”Literally the definition of a privacy concern.”

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The Twitch star broke it down for his viewers: “Amouranth, who actually did the thing I was being accused of, got banned for three days. 

“Me, who didn’t do what I was accused of, completely innocent by Twitch’s own words, got banned for 14 days, reduced to five days! What the f**k is going on behind the scenes, Twitch?”

Later, the 24-year-old  proceeded to refer to Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys’ absence of ban after being baited into showing sexually explicit content on her channel during a live broadcast.

Timestamp for mobile viewers of 9:09. 

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While on stream, Anys Googled the term “spunk” and revealed sexually explicit images to her audience, which Wubby described as being “so inappropriate, I literally have to blur it out.”

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He continued: “Oh, you’re probably thinking that’s an indefinite ban, maybe reduced to two-and-a-half weeks? Oh, nothing happened. Twitch didn’t give a sh*t. Nothing happened to her. At the end of the day, no matter what you say, ‘well maybe she was spoken to behind the scenes’, I don’t give a fuck. This is called favoritism, this is called bias, and this completely bullsh*t to smaller streamers.”

By contrast, he points out that fellow Twitch streamer ‘Pokelawls’ received a three-day ban for showing “some dudes bare ass from the 1980s” while watching a music video on YouTube.

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Wubby then placed both images side-by-side to emphasize the severity of ‘nudity’ shown, but further explained that Pokelawls’ ban was later lifted after a brief suspension.

“Doesn’t that make Twitch look even more stupid? It’s like they just don’t know what they’re f**king doing,” he said. 

In a DM conversation with Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, who recently moved from Twitch to Facebook Gaming, Wubby uncovered that Twitch allegedly gives certain streamers preferential treatment by ‘bending the rules’ should the situation require it. 

PaymoneyWubby (YouTube).Disguised Toast gave a ‘behind the scenes’ look into how Twitch treat their creators.

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PaymoneyWubby closed out the video by stating that “Twitch will destroy your career in an instant and not give you the time of day… Long story short, Twitch fix your f**king s**t. You’re ruining people’s lives and you don’t seem to care.”

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Despite his affliction with Twitch, Wubby has expressed that he’s keen to continue streaming on the platform. However, he said that should he jump ship, he’d want his faithful following to come with.