Twitch streamer smashes keyboard to smithereens in WoW-induced rage

Twitch streamer smashes keyboard to smithereens in WoW-induced rageYouTube: DrInfinity / Wikimedia Commons

A Twitch streamer got so frustrated after dying in World of Warcraft’s Arena mode, he launched a devastating flurry of punches onto his desk, shattering his keyboard in the process.

Competitive gaming can be frustrating at the best of times.

If you haven’t succumbed to the primitive rage that hijacks your body when you die at a crucial moment and punched your desk a time or two at some point in your life, you might not be human.

However, sometimes people totally lose control and resort to breaking peripherals. Twitch streamer Dr. Infinity is one of those people. He lost his cool while playing World of Warcraft.

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World of Warcraft ArenaBlizzard
World of Warcraft’s Arena mode is the ideal one for competitive players.

The Arena battle between was neck and neck for a while. However, things took a turn for the worse the moment Dr. Infinity got stun-locked.

In a matter of seconds, his health dropped from full to zero, leaving his teammate to fight on his own.

Lost for words, he succumbed to frustration and fervently mashed his keyboard. Then, as the anger started to well up, keypresses turned into slaps, and once he reached boiling point, they became full-blown punches.

The violent barrage caused the camera to turn upside down for a moment, followed by the sound of his keyboard disconnecting and keys flying everywhere.

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And by the time he dealt the final blow with an epic double hammer fist, there was hardly anything left.

It was an intense moment for the streamer and one that he would love to forget. But on the bright side, it left many viewers in stitches.

“If only he did that combo to the enemy,” joked one fan.

Dr. Infinity would have had a lot of time to reflect on his actions while putting the keys back in their sockets. Then again, the damage might have been so extreme, he probably had no choice but to replace it.