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Twitch streamer breaks monitor after losing Among Us game

Published: 11/Oct/2020 16:32 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 10:35

by Calum Patterson


Among Us isn’t meant to be a high-intensity game, but it definitely gets that way when you’re deep into a session – and the tension wound up costly for streamer DrSpicyArab, who inadvertently smashed the screen of his gaming monitor after he was voted off as the Imposter.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid all off the endless hype around Among Us, it’s a simple party game where players must identify which member of the group is actually the murderer (Imposter).

The objective for the Impostor of course, is to not be found out, and despite it being a light-hearted party game, nobody likes losing.

Especially not if you’re on a 100% winning streak, and trying to keep it up for your viewers on Twitch, as DrSpicyArab was during his October 11 stream.

Among Us logo
Who knew Among Us could be taken this seriously?

Almost three hours deep into his broadcast, the 24-year-old streamer was voted out, resulting in his first loss of the day, and his disappointment was clear to see.

In his moment of dismay at being voted out though, he threw a small tube at his monitor, not expecting it to really do any damage, but his face dropped as he realized his grave error.

“Wow, I broke my f**king monitor,” he said, in utter disbelief, before turning the camera to let his viewers and fellow players see the damage.

The players in the lobby, who had caused him his misery, couldn’t help but laugh when they saw the results.

Confused how he had managed to do so much damage with such a small item, DrSpicyArab had to rewatch his own VOD to see how it had all gone so wrong.

Clearly, there was a helping of bad luck at play here, as the small tube should really never have cracked the screen so easily.

The crack in the screen will of course render that monitor pretty useless now, and he’ll likely need to fork out for a new one. According to his setup in his Twitch description, the monitor in question is a 144HZ, 1440p model from Samsung. Probably not a cheap buy.

Of all the video games that you could play that would justify the level of anger required to smash your own monitor, Among Us would probably be at the very bottom of the list. At least he was able to laugh it off afterward.

Among Us

Mako and CouRage made Ninja ‘rage quit’ hilarious game of Among Us

Published: 27/Oct/2020 22:52

by Alan Bernal


Expert trolls and fellow 100 Thieves streamers CouRage and Mako had their fun with Ninja during an Among Us stream that made the world’s most popular gamer ‘rage quit’ in disbelief with what he was seeing.

Anyone who’s stepped into the shoddy facilities in Among Us knows that the game can devolve into hilarious antics to either convince people of your evidence or throw people off the trail.

While matches with strangers can sometimes morph into really sweaty games, playing with friends or acquaintances is where the fun really starts to heat up as you get to know everyone’s quirks and tells.

But knowing your enemy can also open the door to explosive moments, especially if you know what makes a particular person erupt in madness.

CouRage YouTube
The vote was split, no one was ejected, and Ninja wasn’t having it.

Well it looks like Ninja and company weren’t on the same page during one match, which gave way to an excellent moment in CouRage’s channel where the Red crew member ‘rage quit’ in a losing battle.

The game was down to just five crew members with two imposters still alive when a dead body was reported. This was basically matchpoint for the imposters if no one in the party got voted off or if the wrong person gets chosen.

“I screamed at the top of my lungs after I said ‘I passed.’ I put sus on Froste again but I f***ing passed, and the ones who voted him were Orange, Purple, and Pink,” Ninja protested as he presented his evidence.

This pivotal moment wasn’t lost on Ninja but – by the sound of it – the lobby was already tainted from previous games, which amounted to jokes and jabs going unrecognized within the actual discourse to find the imposter.

(Mobile Viewers: Timestamp at 11:23)

After crew members cast their votes, however, no one was ejected. He blew his lid at that point, since it gave the imposters a clear path to victory.

Apparently Ninja rage quit by leaving his Red crew member idle in the lost game, and CouRage said he even through his headset. Ninja later found out that the person he voted for, the Pink player, was indeed an imposter.

This is exactly the kind of tortuous gameplay that Among Us players equally love and hate, but this round didn’t quite go Ninja’s way.