Twitch streamer Mizkif caught peeking at Pink Sparkles’ by eye tracker software

Virginia Glaze

Thanks to the invention of live streaming, platforms like Twitch are flooded with a near-constant avalanche of hilarious and unexpected moments – including some that are downright embarrassing, as seen in a humorous broadcast from popular streamer ‘Mizkif.’

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It’s not just Twitch that’s giving viewers a laugh, either: the advent of eye-tracking software is exposing both YouTubers and Twitch streamers alike, who use the tech as a means to “test” their wills when looking at less-than-savory material.

Mizkif decided to undergo such a “test” when watching an older broadcast featuring World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold and his girlfriend, Pink Sparkles, who were enjoying their time in a hot tub at night.

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Pink Sparklez, InstagramPopular Twitch streamer Pink Sparkles has been used as testing for eye-tracking software from other broadcasters on two occasions, now.

As fate would have it, the eye-tracking tech caught Mizkif peeking at Pink Sparkles’ chest on more than one occasion – but that wasn’t the only laughable moment to come out of the broadcast, by far.

In fact, fellow streamer Mitch Jones popped in frame to yell at Mizkif for using their content for views: a fact that is rendered all the more hilarious after learning that the hot tub stream was filmed months ago, rendering Jones’s statement almost prophetic.

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“Mizkif, stop fucking leeching and get your own goddamn content!” Jones yelled, pointing at the camera.

“Fine, my bad, my bad!” Mizkif laughingly conceded. “Alright – he makes a good point. He’s right. Mitch makes a good point. We should probably figure something else out.”

Mizkif isn’t the only streamer to have been filmed ogling Pink Sparkles with eye-tracking software, either: popular streamer Esfand was also caught red-handed during a similar stream on June 30, after his chat asked him to pop into Asmongold’s channel.

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After being met with a face full of Pink Sparkles’ cleavage, Esfand put his head in his hands, visibly embarrassed after getting exposed for looking at her chest before breaking out into barely-contained laughter.

Even YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg used eye-tracking tech during a video in early 2018 – which ultimately ended in him being copystriked by Twitch streamer Alinity Divine for using her content.

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As Twitch continues to grow in popularity, it’s highly likely that such eye tracking software will make another appearance in the future – hopefully leading to some equally hilarious moments.

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