Mizkif caught red-handed trying to poach gym-goers by LA Fitness staff

Meera Jacka
Mizkif caught red-handed trying to poach gym-goers by LA Fitness staff

Twitch streamers Mizkif, ExtraEmily, and Wake have been caught red-handed by LA Fitness staff after seemingly trying to poach customers for their own gym.

In early 2023, Twitch streamer ‘Mizkif‘ revealed his plans to open his very own “Twitch-friendly” gym alongside ‘Knut‘ in hopes of keeping their fans active.

The two streamer’s dream was realized early this year with a YouTube video announcing their gym, Iron Forge was officially open for business.

However, after Mizkif teamed up with fellow content creators ‘ExtraEmily‘ and ‘Wake‘ to try to poach customers from LA Fitness in the middle of a broadcast, the trio were seemingly caught red-handed by staff.

Streaming from Mizkif’s Twitch channel, the group decided to try help Iron Forge beat the odds and become a successful endeavor by picking up new customers directly from other gyms.

However, while sitting in their car at an LA Fitness carpark, the group spotted a man taking photos of them. Confused by what he was doing, Emily waved before Wake mentioned the man may be an LA Fitness employee.

“Does he have a name tag on? Is that a name tag shining on him?” Emily asked, questioning whether or not she should drive away and flee the scene. Wake replied, “Yup, get out of here. That’s the guy at the front desk, 100 percent.”

Quickly making their escape, Mizkif didn’t seem too worried by the two photos taken of Emily’s car, stating, “I don’t know what that’s really going to do.” Nonetheless, the three streamers had no intentions of finding out, with Wake suggesting they “Get the f*** out of here” as viewers spammed the chat with “caught” in all-caps.

“Someone snitched 100%,” one viewer wrote. Whether or not there will actually be any repercussions for the trio’s antics, however, remains to be seen.