IRL streamer terrified by raving man screaming insults at passersby

Instagram: riazizi / Freepik

IRL Twitch streamer ‘GGria‘ was broadcasting while walking through the streets of Toronto, Canada on July 12 and caught a random stranger scaring the living daylights out of passersby.

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IRL streamers have been known to catch some unexpected and crazy occurrences at times, which makes sense considering they’re literally filming the real world, meaning anything can happen at any moment. 

Toronto-based streamer GGria recently experienced what can happen when you mix real life with streaming culture, and her situation was just plain scary.

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The stranger was harassing innocent pedestrians

The IRL streamer was giving viewers a tour of Toronto when suddenly a man showed up out of nowhere behind her and started screaming aggressively.

A woman is then seen fleeing past the streamer, visibly terrified. “Fuck you puta, fuck you puta, fuck you!” the aggressor shouts. He went on to challenge another pedestrian, screaming “call the cops again, you fucking robbers!”

Twitch: GGriaOne woman is so scared that she literally flees the scene.
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The scary individual quickly turned to other innocent people, and started to make aggressive physical movements as if to threaten them. 

While his screaming is inaudible at times, it was clear that he was challenging passersby to call the police “again” – suggesting that this wasn’t the only time he’s done this, except previous times had ended up with law enforcement being involved.

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Why was the man scaring people?

It’s hard to say what caused the man to unleash his terrifying tirade on everyone in the vicinity, and it is unknown if he was under the influence of something or suffering from mental health issues.

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Regardless, it was a terrifying experience for GGria. “Holy shit, I got so scared,” she exclaimed breathlessly after the man left the scene.

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 If the man is indeed troubled, hopefully he can get the help he needs. And if nothing else, let this be a lesson that anything can happen when broadcasting in public.

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